Enshrouded Roadmap 2024


Greetings, Flameborn!

You've all been patiently waiting for weeks now, eagerly wondering what's next for Enshrouded. We have been playing it very safe: on the one hand, we have big ambitions for the game, and loads of ideas! On the other hand, Enshrouded is a brand new game, and some of the things we want to do might turn out to be more difficult than we can anticipate!

It's a push-and-pull of wanting to keep you interested, without over-promising on our capacity to deliver.

Nonetheless, we've managed to land on a roadmap that we think will be of interest to everyone. For those of you who have shared your feedback on Feature Upvote, a lot of these items will look familiar! One of the factors that makes us feel so confident in the evolution of Enshrouded is that in so many cases, your feedback and our vision for the game align pretty closely.

For those of you who haven't looked into Feature Upvote yet, take a look, search for terms you're interested in, and let us know what you think! We'll reopen suggestion submissions soon.

Anyway we know your eyes have been drawn to the graphic below so we won't keep you much longer. One thing to note: a roadmap is a living and breathing thing! It will change as we develop the game and things turn out to be harder (or easier!) to implement than we originally thought!

Right click the image and select "open image in new tab" to see a bigger version<br>
Right click the image and select "open image in new tab" to see a bigger version

And one last thing after reading all this: "update when?" This month!

That's all for us for today. Keep an eye on your Shroud timer, and maybe we'll see you around the Hollow Halls...

The team at Keen Games