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Changelog for Patch #4 - v0.7.1.1


Changelog for Patch #4- V

Version number: 535584

Greetings Flameborn!

Here is a brand new patch for Enshrouded, with fixes and improvements. Thanks again to all of you who reported issues. The game keeps getting better as we iron out the kinks, thanks to you!

And now for the good stuff...


We’ve been monitoring player feedback since the release of the latest changes to mage builds. As we mentioned before, balancing is an evolving endeavor that will continue as we expand the game. Your feedback is an important part of Enshrouded becoming the best game it can be, so please share your thoughts and anecdotes on combat situations on our Discord server at You remain as always our favorite part of making Enshrouded happen.


We are still investigating an issue with green luminescent blocks emitting too much light. It’s not you, it’s them.


  • Jump pads are now saved correctly when placed in the player base. Additionally, fixed an issue that caused the placement preview for self-crafted jump pads to be incorrectly rotated.
  • Fixed several instances where ladders wouldn’t allow proper climbing. Example locations are in the settlements in the Blackmire, Mark of Sameth, and Willow Crush.
  • Fixed several small level design issues with points of interest in the Blackmire area.
  • Tweaked the song quest location markers to better point at the target areas.
  • Shallow brown mud no longer prevents stamina regeneration. We experimented with this feature to communicate the feeling of being stuck and having to use a lot of energy to move around. However, it had the potential of getting players stuck at the bottom of climbing walls, which is not what was intended.
  • Fixed a potential exploit that allowed circumventing mud or tar debuffs by using the skill Bee Sting.
  • Moved banners to the crafting recipes offered by Valory the Bard.
  • Removed the spear-throwing Vukahs from the Springlands area.
  • Added two new dagger models for the Kindlewastes tier.
  • Fixed an issue with the Eternal Ice Arrow that could lead to the ammo being consumed, which is incorrect, of course.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Noble Dress vanity set.
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior of the skill Merciless Strike, which offered the action several times in a row without allowing the enemy time to replenish their stamina.
  • Improved the ambient sound system for better detection of the area around the player.
  • Fixed a few instances where the camera would clip into the terrain or props.
  • Fixed the collision of secret doors.
  • Improved double-jumping uphill. Before, the jump could get unintentionally interrupted when the player character was directly facing a cliff.
  • Improved enemy pathfinding when they are walking or jumping down.
  • Fixed an issue with some attacks of the Wispwyvern boss that also affected players outside of the boss arena area.
  • Fixed an issue with tamed beasts that get stuck while trying to follow the player.
  • Fixed an issue when switching between mouse & keyboard and controller or vice versa while in a menu that led to unintentional character movement.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a visually incorrect terrain texture after fast traveling.
  • Fixed a random crash reported by players.
  • Reworked the display of damage numbers on enemies to reduce the occurrences of visual overlapping.
  • Added a warning when trying to chop wood or terraform without the permission on that server due to the defined user role.
  • Fixed a small UI issue with quick-move actions between backpacks and chests.
  • The “Barrier lifted” message from the Hollow Halls gates is now correctly displayed at the beginning of the game when having previously quit the session while the barrier is lifted.
  • Improved the display of used and available skill points.
  • Fixed cases where the enemy stun bar did not correctly show.
  • Improved the collapsing and un-collapsing of quest categories in the journal.
  • The “Feats of the Flame” widget showed incorrect text overlapping in French and Thai localizations, this has been fixed.
  • Fixed issues with the display of the game summary widget at the start of the game session.
  • Fixed some cases where world map markers were difficult to click when a quest area was active nearby.
  • It is no longer possible to kick players who themselves have the server permission to kick other players.
  • Improved the warnings and hints about setting passwords for peer-to-peer server hosts.
  • Fixed several typos.