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Announcing Enshrouded!


Rise and shine, Flameborn!

We have been working on our new project for quite a few years now, and we’re overjoyed to finally be ready to show it to you! Our new game is called Enshrouded and is coming this year to Early Access.

Here is some more context and story for the curious among you:

The old kingdom is lost, but its remnants live on. Above the wretched fog, deep in the Ancient temples, a few remaining warriors were placed in a long, dreamless sleep, until such time they could fight anew...

That time has come.

Enshrouded is a cooperative survival crafting action RPG for up to 16 players. Survive in the fallen kingdom consumed by fog. Fight wild beasts and fearsome bosses. Construct grand halls and shape the world's terrain. Forge your warrior with diverse equipment and a huge, open skill tree. Venture alone — or with allies — into the mist to uncover the secrets of the kingdom's downfall.

Sounds like your kind of game? Then make sure to add it to your wishlist!

We are a fairly small studio so we’re trying to focus on only a few hangout spots at a time, so the best place to get in touch with us is on our Discord server:

As we keep developing the game, we will regularly be asking for your input, so if you like what you’ve seen, make sure you tag along for the ride!


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